Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort. 21-23 June 2024: A weekend by the sea with plenty of sunshine but no time to build sandcastles.

Barton Racing took just the Retro Engineering prepared BMW 1800 TiSA to Holland, for Harry to drive in round two of the 2024 Masters Pre-66 Touring Car Championship. And he did rather well, scoring maximum Championship points. In fact, it was grins all round as, after one hour, when the chequered flag came out, Harry was third overall across the line, winning his class (plus the ‘under 2 litre category’), against some very stiff opposition, courtesy the usual Falcon and Ford Lotus brigade. Another class win in Saturday’s twenty-five-minute NK GT&TC all-comers race provided the icing on the cake. Round three of the Masters Pre-66 Touring Car Championship takes place 12-14 July at Brno, in the Czech Republic, which should be very interesting.