More Testing. More Rain. More Success

Friday was given over to testing in the TVR prior to next day’s three hour endurance race. It was also my first opportunity to meet co-driver Ollie Reuben, son of Nigel, the man who built our 440 bhp beastie. The guys from Retro Engineering had already set up shop at the Wing by the time dad and I arrived so all looked good. Except for the weather. It was going to chuck it down all day. Very unhelpful.

Friday then, was split between on-track testing and discussion around team tactics. Driver changes, fuel consumption (we had a new, bigger 160 litre tank). Ideal lap-times. pit-lane speed limits. And weather predictions, which, thank goodness, promised a dry track for the race. Ollie made himself comfortable and we both splashed our way around the full 5.8 km Grand Prix circuit until happy with settings, and glad when it was time to go home.

Saturday 22 September: Royal Automobile Club 3 Hour Pall Mall Cup.

Still damp for qualifying, but Ollie managed a great lap that put us 6th on the grid, out of thirty-two. Race-wise I was elected to start and stay out for eighty minutes, then in for the all important driver change, plus a quick 40 litre top up. The second, and final stop was scheduled with thirty minutes remaining. Another splash and dash with yours truly taking the car to the line.

What a race. My first endurance event, and at one point we were actually leading. But owing to an ever-lasting safety car session near the end, we were robbed of our planned late lunge through the back markers, and had to settle for 3rd overall. What am I saying! Third was as as good as winning. Back in the pit garage everybody was going crazy. This was the dream result. Thank you, the two Nigel’s, Tom, Zack, and ‘Fin’, what a team. And what a car. Best in the world. Roll on Spa.