Barton Racing 2022

Plenty of Champagne. A Few Hard Knocks. Problems In The Rain At Spa. Success At Silverstone. We Buy Another Car. First Major Championship Secured. Harry Voted Young Driver of the Year By HSCC

Carl Barton: ‘We set ourselves very ambitious targets, so from the very beginning knew that 2022, our first full season, was going to be a tough and steep learning curve. Having said that, it’s been a fantastic experience, the whole team blended well, and we’ve come out the other end much wiser, and ready to take on an even busier 2023.’

Harry Barton. ‘As a mere twenty year old, in fact only nineteen when we we arrived at Brands Hatch last April, my first job was to convince everyone that I was serious about my future career. I’d say that with twenty five plus races, several class wins and a major championship now under my belt that point has been made. Can I make Le Mans as a paid driver by 2027? I’m going to give it my best shot.’

Nigel Bridger. ‘It’s a privilege to be working so closely with Barton Racing. Of course, restoring and race preparing BMWs is what we at Retro Engineering do best. Even so, twenty five races plus Spa and Goodwood Revival, all in one season, has certainly kept us on our toes. And now added to the stable for next year is Barton Racing’s stunning 420 bhp TVR Griffith. No doubt about it, 2023 is going to be another busy year.

Barton Racing: 2022 Season Statistics


Team Owner: Carl Barton.

Principle Driver: Harry Barton

Other Supporting Drivers: Oliver Reuben/Matt Neal


Race Car Preparation: Retro Engineering

Ownership Nigel/Alison Bridger

Lead mechanics: Nigel Bridger/Tom Bridger/Zack Thomas Caldeira Robbins


Race Cars

1965 BMW 1800 Ti (blue eye)

1965 BMW 1800 TiSA (red eye)

1965 TVR Griffith 200


Major Results


HSCC Historic Touring Cars Championship: Winner Harry Barton

HSCC Young Driver of the Year 2022: Harry Barton


28/08/22. Adrian Flux Trophy Silverstone. Harry Barton (BMW 1800 TiSA). 22nd Overall. 1st in Class.

4/09/22. Guards Trophy Race. Croft. Harry Barton (TVR Griffith).10th Overall. 1st in Class.

17/09/22. St. Marys Trophy Goodwood Revival. Harry Barton/Matt Neil (BMW 1800 TiSA). 23rd Overall.

2/10/22. Spa Six Hour Meeting. Masters Gentlemen Drivers/Pre-66 Touring Cars.  Harry Barton (BMW 1800 TiSA. 9th Overall. 1st in Class.

22/10/22.  Motor Racing Legends RAC Pall Mall Trophy: Harry Barton/Oliver Reuben (TVR Griffith). 3rd Overall. 2nd in Class. 3rd Team.


Fastest Laps. Harry Barton. BMW 1800Ti


3/04/22. HSCC Brands Hatch. Qualifying. 0.59.190. Indy Circuit

9/07/22. HSCC Brands Hatch. Qualifying. 1.53. 830. GP Circuit

23/04/22. HSCC Snetterton. Qualifying. 2.28.14. 300 Circuit

4/06/22. HSCC Cadwell Park. Qualifying. 1.52.038.

18/06/22. HSCC Donington. Qualifying. 1.28.184. National Circuit

3/08/22. HSCC Croft. Qualifying. 1.42.668.

15/10/22.  Silverstone. Qualifying. 1.17.934. National Circuit



Fastest Laps. Harry Barton. BMW 1800 TiSA


29/07/22. Jack Sears Trophy Oulton Park. Qualifying. 2.33.755. (Wet).

27/08/22. Masters Touring Cars. Silverstone. Qualifying. 2.37.062. GP Circuit.

18/09/22. Goodwood Revival. 1.35.308.

2/10/22. Masters Touring Cars. Spa Francorchamps. 3.48. 861


Fasters Laps. Harry Barton. TVR Griffith.


3/09/22.  Guards Trophy. Croft. Qualifying. 1.56.286. Damp

4/09/22.   Guards Trophy. Croft. Race. 1.38.751. Dry

15/10/22. Guards Trophy. Silverstone. Qualifying. 1.09.379. National Circuit.

15/10/22. Guards Trophy. Silverstone. Race. 1.07.187.

22/10/22. MRL Pall Mall Cup. Silverstone. Qualifying (Reuben) 2.49.771. Damp

23/10/22. MRL Pall Mall Cup.  Silverstone. Race. 2.29.299. Dry. Historic GP Circuit.