Lydden Hill is a long way from home, so we decided to go down the night before the race and stop in a good hotel in Canterbury. In the evening we went to have a few drinks with the team by the circuit. This lead to a late night track walk. I thought this might be prudent as I didn’t have the useful tool of learning the circuit on my simulator this time.

We arrived early morning and it was a beautiful day. Despite this, I was hopeful for a changer of weather, primarily praying for rain, as we always go well in the wet. However, there were clear skies for miles around. We started off with a practice session and I managed to get onto pace quite quickly, learning the lines and the most efficient route around the circuit.

When qualifying came, I managed to place us 6th on the grid. This was followed by quite a bit of downtime. I decided to have a go at the simulator they had on site set up by historic racing simulators. Had a great time and managed to set the fastest time of the day, beating the owner of the simulator.

Both races were relatively uneventful. In race one, I managed to get a good start and placed myself 5th and stayed there. For the second race, I was away less well, meaning I had to defend for half a lap. I finished 5th again, around 20 seconds in front of the guys behind.

Thanks to the HRDC and Lydden Hill for a great weekend and thanks to the Team for getting the car prepared so well.