Valencia  Spain. GT4 Winter Series, fourth round, chosen as first European outing for the Barton Racing Toyota Supra EVO. As usual Geoff Steel Racing looked  after the car, with welcome additional input by way of two technicians sent from Toyota Gazoo Racing Customer Support.

The weekend consisted of two thirty minute races followed by one hour of endurance on Sunday afternoon. Weather: good, with twenty degrees of sunshine, accompanied by a gentle south westerly breeze. Driver line consisted of Harry  Barton as lead, and Nigel Greensall, who was also responsible for team strategy.

As always, full of confidence, it soon became very clear we were playing with the big boys, think Aston Martin, McLaren, and Mercedes AMG and, not forgetting they had three rounds under their belt, it was clear from the start that our Toyota was off pace. It was too slow both in a straight line, and around corners. Thus Geoff and the guys had to give up on their paella and instead worked overtime with Harry and Nigel, looking for enough extra power and grip to at least give us half a chance. The late nights paid off, the Supra ran perfectly and after achieving two well earned podium places, with more assuredly to come, on Monday everyone returned home happy.