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Harry Barton:

‘Racing at Zandvoort behind the wheel of our 1969 BMW 2002 Ti for the first time, and finishing up the weekend with a class win, was simply an amazing experience. It’s easy to understand how important these cars were to the future of the brand. From my point of view, I felt at one with the BMW as soon as I opened the door and when we get to know each other better we’ll be looking at more than just a class win’.

Barton Racing Event Schedule July-October 2023


6/9 July. Spa Summer Classic. Spa. Belgium.


28/30 July. Oulton Park Gold Cup. Oulton Park. UK.


25/27 August. Silverstone Festival. Silverstone. UK.


27/1 September. Spa 6 hour. Spa. Belgium.


14/15 October. Silverstone Finals. Silverstone. UK.


21/22 October. MRL Silverstone GP. Silverstone. UK.


The Story So Far

Over the past two years Barton Racing has established itself as a front runner in historic motorsport. The team's ambition to be competing at Le Mans in 2028 is still very real. Last year (2022) Harry Barton, still just twenty years old, won the coveted HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship, driving a pair of BMW saloons prepared by marque specialist, Retro Engineering. While in September 2022 Barton Racing entered the world of historic endurance racing, purchasing a 1965 TVR Griffith built by Nigel Reuben and employing a second driver, Ollie Reuben, to support Harry in selected events. We are proud that the Griffith has completed its first six months without failure, bringing home several class awards. We now look forward to it being at Spa Six Hours in September, the pinnacle of classic endurance racing.

At Zandvoort this weekend, 17-18 June, the BMW 2002 Ti scored its first class win. It will next appear at Spa Summer Classic (6-9 July), Oulton Park Gold Cup (28-30 July), Silverstone Festival (25-27 August) and Spa Six Hours (16-18 September).

Latest News


As home ground to many wins by BMW in the 1960s/70s, it seems only appropriate Barton Racing chose Zandvoort in Holland to launch their 1969 BMW 2002 Ti programme, the team’s latest saloon race-car initiative . The all white, attention grabbing Group 2 car, appearing on the grid for the first time this weekend, is the direct result of a dedicated two year build project carried out by brand specialist Retro Engineering. It will naturally carry the now familiar Barton Racing #18 identity and compete in selected European Championship events driven by twenty year old Harry Barton, winner of the 2022 HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship.

Quote: Carl Barton (Team Principle): ‘The appearance of the 2002 represents the next important step in fulfilling Harry’s ambition to be at Le Mans by 2028’.

Harry Barton: ‘I first saw this car two years ago as no more than a rolling shell. Now it looks brand new. All I have to do is keep it that way’.

Nigel Bridger (Director Retro Engineering): ‘Watching the car line up in Holland will bring a sense of achievement to the whole Retro Engineering team'.

Barton Racing Joins the Ranks of the Yank Tanks


In additional news, Barton Racing is entering the world of Drag Racing in a joint venture with our friends Dodge Ram UK, with our very own George Barton taking on the challenge.

He made his debut at Santapod in a bright orange Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 717BHP, prepared by Dodge Ram UK.

He made great progress achieving a best run of 12.190 seconds at 120 mph. We can only go faster from here and we are looking forward to seeing how he progresses.

One of the Cast


Ollie Reuben: TVR Co-Driver

What car did you pass your test in and did you pass first time?

I passed my test in a Vauxhall Corsa and unfortunately I passed 2nd time, but they do say all good drivers pass 2nd time.

You have competed in historic endurance events before, what is your favourite race and what is your best result so far?

I have to say my favourite event I've competed in so far has to be the Spa 6 Hour, but my best result in an endurance race was in the 25 hour Funcup at Spa where we finished first British car home, 2nd Diesel car and P5 overall, this isn't my best overall result. I have won multiple races including multiple Britcar races in a BMW 1 series to which me and the owner claimed the championship.

Which car is quickest, Ford GT40, or TVR Griffith?

Without doubt the GT40 is ultimately the quicker of the two, it is a purpose built racing car with all the right components that makes it into the car it is, that's not to say the TVR isn't close behind, at the end of the day, the Griffith is a road car that has been made into car that races on the track, not a racing car.

Do you have any hobbies away from the race track, And does training and diet play an important part in your life?

My main hobby away from motorsport is rock climbing/bouldering, it is a very physical sport that requires both strength and the the ability to 'solve a problem', what a lot of people don't know about the sport is how much fun it is, you go to a climbing gym and you train hard without it being the boring strenuous task that is going to a regular everyday gym. It's also very much a social event and when you're at the gym, if you are struggling with a 'problem' there are always people there willing to try and help.

Looking forward. Will electric cars become the next generation of classic race cars?

I can't see that happening with how strict the FiA are with the rules and regulations regarding HTP, and if they did go electric it would completely and utterly ruin the sport. The one main reason for people to get involved in historic motorsport is the sound of the engines, the look of the engines, the smell, the simplicity and I think if that was taken away you would take the spark away(no pun intended)

Finally. What advice do you have for youngsters wanting to go racing?

My advice would be get out there and get involved, find out what kind of motorsport you want to be involved with and then try and get involved with a team, there are a lot of teams out there that need youngsters to help. Showing enthusiasm to what you're doing is always beneficial, work hard, socialize with people in the paddock but mainly have fun, this is a very difficult, but very rewarding sport to be apart of.

For youngsters wanting to race I'd say get your ARDS test done and dusted, it's not as difficult as you think, there are many places out there you can get this done but I would always recommend The Motorsport School at Mallory Park, they are a very friendly team and very supportive during your exam and afterwards at the start of your racing career.

Getting on track I'd suggest starting with a car that hasn't got loads of power, something small like a 2.0l Renault Clio. Learn your race craft with similar makes of cars, then progress onto bigger and more powerful cars afterwards.

Tickets to Silverstone Festival 2023!!!


The Barton Racing Team has once again decided to bring a friendly competition to our readers.


Competition: Answer the four questions below correctly for the chance to win a pair of tickets for Silverstone Festival 2023. The first correct set of answers drawn from the hat wins two tickets for Silverstone Festival (three days) 25-27 August 2023.


Where did Harry Barton take his first class win in the BMW 2002: Hockenheim or Zandvoort?

Does the Barton Racing BMW 2002 have two or four doors?

In what year did production of the BMW 2002 cease?

At what circuit was the photo below taken? 


Please send your answers to with the subject Competition Answers for Silverstone Festival Tickets.


All answers will be checked as soon as they are received and the final date of submission will be the 25th of July so get your answers in fast. The winner will be notified the following day.

Photography By Peter Baker From Retro-Speed
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